Tenbury Photographic Club

AGM 2020

AGM 2020. Our Annual General Meeting 2020 took place Wednesday 26th August 2019 on "Zoom"

Tenbury Wells Photographic Club

Annual General Meeting 2020 – A virtual meeting, Wednesday 26th August 2020 on Zoom

Present : 26 members

Those present : John, Paul, Phil, David, Julian, John, Peter, David, Katrina, James, Brigit, Matt,

Jane, Alan, Paul, Simon, Kate, Bob, Martin, Bill, Kate, Laura, David, Nick, Anna, Graham

Apologies :

No apologies had been received.

0. Items previously advised to Secretary

0.1 No items had been previously notified to the Secretary

1.0 Previous minutes

1.1 Approval of the previous minutes was proposed by Paul Bates, seconded by Simon.

Carried unanimously

2.0 Chairmans Report

2.1 A copy of the Chairman’s report is attached to the file copy of these minutes. A copy

had previously been posted on line for members information.

2.2 Simon briefly reviewed the year noting disruption caused by the flooding in Tenbury

and the Corona virus restrictions and the Club’s attempts to negotiate these.

2.3 Simon noted the increased use of social media and the Club’s appointment of Laura

as Coordinator.

2.4 Simon thanked all members for their continued loyalty to the Club and to Paul Bate in

particular for his work on the committee’s behalf

2.6 Acceptance of this report was proposed by Bill and seconded by David D. Carried


3.0 Secretary’s Report

3.1 A copy of the Secretary’s report is attached to the file copy of these minutes.

3.2 David referred to the hiatus in Tenbury due to the flood and then Corona restrictions.

3.3 Zoom meeting have been a success with a minimum of 15 and normally 20 each

week. The change to weekly had been popular.

3.4 David thanked the rest of the committee for their input, in particular Paul for

arranging most of the speakers.

3.3 Acceptance of this report was proposed by Simon and seconded by Bill. Carried


4.0 Treasurers Report

4.1 A copy of the accounts for the year 2019-2020 is attached to the file copy of these

minutes. A copy had been posted on line previously for member’s information.

4.2 Paul reviewed the accounts and pointed out a surplus of ££313.70 of income over

expenditure for the year.

4.3 It was proposed that this surplus be used to support a proposal to increase fees for

the next year. See item 5. Below.

4.4 In response to a question Paul pointed out that any surplus is being put towards a

club projector and laptop.

Alan Jenyon queried possible use of the old U3A projector. It was pointed out that this

had been tested and is not good enough for TPC requirements.

4.5 Simon confirmed that the Zoom license is for 12 months. The current intention is to let it

lapse unless restrictions continue.

4.6 It was pointed out that because meetings were now weekly and most involved a

speaker these costs had increased.

4.7 Approval of this report was proposed by Simon and seconded by Julian. Carried


5.0 Administration

5.1 Club fees for 2018/19

5.1 It was proposed by Paul and seconded by Simon that Club fees for 2020-2021 be

increased to £32. This was being subsidised by the surplus of income over


It was noted that in a normal year, assuming people attended 18 meetings, their

costs were £60.

5.2 Simon undertook to contact all members advising of the change and with the Club

contact details to facilitate payment by BACS. Each payment to have the name of

the member so a check can be kept on paid up members.

6.0 Election of Officers

6.1 The current committee is Simon Lusty, Paul Bate, David Downward and Bill Paget.

6.2 Paul Bate was resigning and Graham Wilkinson has offered to become treasurer.

6.3 Proposed by James and seconded by David Downward the Graham be elected.

Carried unanimously.

6.4 To improve our media presence it was proposed that Laura be appointed to the

committee as Media Coordinator. Proposed by Simon and seconded by Bill. Carried


7.0 Social Media

7.1 Laura advised that she had attempted to speak to all those who post on facebook

but were not members of the Club. There were a number of no-replies.

There were in the order of 15 to 20 extra people posting who were not members.

7.2 It was proposed by Simon and seconded by David that only paid up members be

allowed to post on facebook.

John Abbiss suggested that a ‘country membership’ might be appropriate

General consensus was that membership confers rights such being notified of and

taking part in all Club activities including posting on facebook.

It was noted that anyone can view the page.

7.3 It was noted that people will be allowed two visits before they are removed.

7.4 Following the discussion the vote was 24 for and 2 against. Carried.

8.0 Going forward.

8.1 It was noted that the 20.00 hrs start time had been a result of circumstances, some

outside our control.

8.2 Proposed by Simon and seconded by Bill that we revert to 19.30 start time. Carried


8.3 Proposed by Bill and seconded by Simon that we revert to two weekly meetings.

Intermediate weeks would remain free for personal photographic projects or outings.

Carried unanimously.

Now to be referred to as PIG (Photographic Interest Group)

These will be led by a member with an interest in a particular subject. All members will

be encouraged to lead a group.

The first will be a visit to the Stiperstones on 2nd September and will be led by Kate

Maxwell and Matt Hall.

8.4 Bill advised that support from members for the web site had been fantastic. He

attempted to respond to any queries as they arose.

8.5 Bill and Laura to coordinate media information.

8.0 Next Annual General Meeting

8.1 The 2021 Annual General Meeting was arranged to take place on Wednesday 25th

August 2021 commencing at 20.00 hours. Location to be advised.

The meeting was closed at 21.10 hours.