Tenbury Photographic Club

AGM 2018

AGM 2018. Our Annual General Meeting 2018 took place Wednesday 22nd August 2018 at the Regal Function Room.

Tenbury Wells Photographic Club

Present : Simon, David, Paul, Bob, John, Alan, Shelly, Kate, Andrew, James, Graham, Paul, Alan, Nick, Julian, Jane.

Apologies : Apologies were received from Bill.

0.         Items previously advised to Secretary

0.1       Bill had asked for copies of any pictures of the evening so that they can be added to the web site.

1.         Chairman's Report

1.1       A copy of the Chairman’s report is attached to the file copy of these minutes

1.2       Simon noted that the Club had gone from nothing to the current state within one year thanks to all members and in particular the committee.

1.3       Simon reiterated the ethos of the Club as collaborative rather than competitive and to cater for all standards of photography.

1.4       Simon noted that the social media sites were always dynamic and thanked Bill and Jane.

2.         Secretary’s Report

2.1       A copy of the Secretary’s report is attached to the file copy of these minutes.

2.2       David reviewed the events leading up to the founding of TPC which included the various discussions as to possible venues.

2.3       It was noted that we now have 24 paid up members which compares favourably with all local photographic clubs.

3.         Treasurer's Report

3.1       A copy of the accounts is attached to the file copy of these minutes.

3.2       Paul noted that the income for the year was exactly £1000, a surprise.

3.3       The room hire has been a bargain particularly as it also includes use of the Regal projector and screen when need them.

3.4       Paul explained that the ‘wine for Gareth’ was to the speaker from London Camera Exchange who did not charge a fee.

Acceptance of these Reports was proposed by David Downward and seconded by Julian Crombleholme. Accepted unanimously.

4.         Administration

4.1       Club fees for 2018/19. It was proposed by Paul Bate and seconded by David Downward that the fees for 2918 / 2019 remain at £24. This was approved unanimously.

4.2       Catering on Club nights. Paul had found that collecting money and arranging catering was onerous. Following discussion Bob Onions and Kate Robson volunteered for next year. Approved unanimously.

5.         Election of Officers

5.1       The existing committee, Simon Lusty, Paul Bate, David Downward and Bill Paget had all advised that they were willing to stand for the next year.

            Proposed by Bob Onions and seconded by Alan Jenyon. Approved unanimously.

6.         Social Media

6.1       It was noted that the web site was working well. Bill was always looking for more pictures to keep it up to date. The Facebook site is always receiving pictures and comment.

6.2       Alan Sands pointed out that the local press was generally a waste of time, never responding to news and comments and ignoring articles.

7.         Next Annual General Meeting

7.1       The 2019 Annual General Meeting was arranged to take place on Wednesday 14th August 2019

The meeting was closed at 20.22 hours.