Tenbury Photographic Club

AGM 2019

AGM 2019 -Our Annual General Meeting 2019 took place Wednesday 14th August 2019 at the Regal Function Room.

Tenbury Wells Photographic Club

Annual General Meeting 2019 – Wednesday 14th August 2019 at Regal Function Room

Present : 22 members

Those present : Simon, Paul, David D, Bill, Bob, Shelley, Graham, John A, Andy, Julian, Kate M, Katrina, Jane, Brigit, Alan S, David S, Alan J, Martin, Colin, Laura, Phil H, plus three others.

 Apologies : Apologies were received from Nick T, Daphne T, David C, Phil B, Paul K


0.         Items previously advised to Secretary

0.1       No items had been previously notified to the Secretary but the following were discussed at          the end of the meeting

0.2       Colin is running a workshop over the weekend of 17th – 18th August and there are some spare spaces.

0.3       Simon pointed out that there will be a copy of the Tenbury 360 running on his laptop for the evening for comments.

0.4       Brigit thought that the Club should have a ‘meeter and greeter’ to facilitate interaction between members.


  • 1.0Previous minutes

1.1       Approval of the previous minutes was proposed by Paul Bates, seconded by Bob Onions


2.0       Chairmans Report

2.1       A copy of the Chairman’s report is attached to the file copy of these minutes

2.2       Simon reviewed the years meetings and events and commented that all had been enjoyable particularly the outside trips (Fencote Station, Cardingmill Valley, etc)

2.3       Simon advised that the Club was considering the purchase of it’s own projector in order to ensure that projected images are true to the original. Cost would be in the order £500 to £1000.

2.3       Simon thanked Bill for all his work on the web site.

2.4       Simon pointed out that we were missing a trick by not publicising our members successes in local competitions such as the Tenbury Show photographic competition, etc

2.5       Thanks were given to Simon from the floor and from Simon to all members.

2.6       Acceptance of this report was proposed by Bill and seconded by David D.


3.0       Secretary’s Report

3.1       A copy of the Secretary’s report is attached to the file copy of these minutes.

3.2       David advised that the secretary’s job is not difficult because the rest of the committee provided good support.

3.3       The secretary’s main tasks have been dealing with the Regal for bookings and loan of equipment and liaising with the Town Clerk for use of the Pump Rooms when we were unable to use the Regal.

3.4       David pointed out that trying to keep the Club up to date with relevant legislation was a significant part of the job despite misgivings by the free spirits on the committee.

3.5       David advised that he was considering resigning at the 2020 AGM on the basis that three years is long enough for someone to in the same post.

3.6       Acceptance of this report was proposed by Simon and seconded by Alan S.


4.0       Treasurers Report

4.1       A copy of the accounts for the year 2018-2019 is attached to the file copy of these minutes.

4.2       Paul pointed out a surplus of £240 of income over expenditure for the year.

4.3       Paul suggested that in order to consolidate finances it may be that we should consider increasing fees for the following year.

4.4       It was suggested that the Club consider holding a fundraising event to raise awareness of the Club and to boost Club funds.

4.5       It may be that we can sell or license copies of the Tenbury in a Day film.

4.6       Approval of this report was proposed by Alan J and seconded by Julian.


5.0       Administration

5.1       Club fees for 2018/19

5.1.1    It was proposed that fees for 2019 – 2010 be held at £24 per year and £2 per visit.

            Fees will become due at the next meeting.

5.2       Catering on Club nights

5.2.1    Following a suggestion that someone else take over catering on Club nights there were no volunteers so Bob O undertook to continue as purchaser and primary caterer. Others to be encouraged to assist in making tea and washing up.

5.3       Junior membership

5.3.1    A proposed alteration to the constitution had been issued with the notice of the AGM. No comments had been received.

            The amendment was proposed by David D and seconded by Colin.


6.0       Election of Officers

6.1       The existing committee, Simon Lusty, Paul Bate, David Downward and Bill Paget had all advised that they were willing to stand for the next year.

            Proposed by James and seconded by Bob. Approved unanimously.


7.0       Social Media

7.1       Bill suggested that our web site was one of the most active and dynamic and pointed out that the content is continuously refreshed.

7.2       Bill is concerned that only a few members take an active part in supplying images and pointed out that anything can be added, not necessarily photographs.

            Images for the heading must however be in landscape format.

7.3       A link to flikr has been added. Anyone with a flikr account will automatically be listed, however Bill needs to be informed.


8.0       Next Annual General Meeting

8.1       The 2020 Annual General Meeting was arranged to take place on Wednesday 26th August 2020 commencing at 20.00 hours. Location to be advised.


The meeting was closed at 20.45 hours.