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July 2020

Zooming in tonight from France, is Julian Elliot.
July 01, 19:45

From the Mongolian Steppe to the Altai, a photographic journey with Julian

Zoom members photo critique
July 08, 20:00

Get the club members to comment on your images. Good, bad or ugly, this is your chance to help one of your fellow members to maybe improve their images and like wise yours.

Ludlow Photographic Club ZOOM EVENT
July 14, 19:45

Julian Elliot in France will Zoom in to give a talk on the Fjords of Patagonia. TPC members are welcome. Paul B will be sending details.

Zoom with Clive Haynes
July 15, 20:00

Infrared Photography. This will be very interesting. When the sky is blue and your landscapes are lacking, here's how to make the best of it.

Zoom with Jane Lazenby
July 22, 20:00

From Paintbrush to Pixels. From Equine portraits to fine art photographer. Jane's journey. Should be a great evenings entertainment.

A zoom talk by Alison Curzon
July 29, 20:00

Family portraits is the subject. How to improve your xmas snapshots and more......

August 2020

A zoom talk by David Lister
August 12, 20:00

"Planes" get ready for the Mach loop......

A Zoom talk by David Lister
August 19, 20:00

"Wildlife" watch and learn.

AGM year 3!! Can you believe it?
August 26, 19:45

Wow, who would have thought it!

September 2020

Our guest tonight is Clare Carter
September 16, 19:45

This will be a stunning session on landscapes. Even if it isn't your "bag", this is one presentation and series of shots you will not want to miss. Get a seat at the front.

NEC Photography show
September 19, 00:00

Re-run of the cancelled spring event.

Tonights guest is Danny Arnold
September 30, 19:45

“Studio concepts and considerations”. an interesting evening with Danny in the chair.

October 2020

The Art of Garden Photography
October 13, 19:00

A talk by Joe Wainwright at Ludlow Photographic Club

October 14, 19:00

A rare event so far from Cannes.....This is your opportunity to become the new Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese or Quentin Tarantino creating your very own movie or simply come along and watch other peoples entries. TPC will be putting forward contributions. GET INVOLVED.

Zooming in, Susan Brown.
October 28, 20:00

Landscape and Abstract Photography with Susan Brown

November 2020

Our guest tonight is Gary Jones
November 11, 19:45

"From the mountains to the sea" is the name given to this presentation. Gary is an excellent wildlife photographer, so expect to be thoroughly engrossed in his stories and images. This will have you getting your long lens out....

Tonights guest is David Lister
November 25, 19:45

Aviation and a Wildlife combo. Now this will be something to talk about. Mach Loop aficionado apparently!

December 2020

January 2021

Tonights guest is Nick Hanson
January 20, 19:45

Photographer of the year in Scotland. A great eye for composition, colour and light sets this chaps work apart. Come along and see some fabulous images to inspire you.

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June 2021

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Next on the Calendar

Zoom With Clive Haynes
Date:July 15, 2020 20:00

Infrared Photography. This will be very interesting. When the sky is blue and your landscapes are lacking, here's how to make the best of it.